Sext Me poems and stories

Part the First

» ・ “Coming down” by Akati Khasiani  ・ “Sex Ed for village boys” by Alexander Ikawah  ・ “Bobbitt wars” by Nkatha Obungu  ・ “The sportsman” by M. Neelika Jayawardane  ・ “Prey” by Zak Waweru  ・ “Bound” by Anne Moraa  ・ “Mourning lover” by Dele Meiji  ・“Rose water” by Kate Hampton  ・ “The first time” by Aisha Ali  ・ “Diaphoresis” by Victoria  ・ «

“Interlewd: “The sensuous black woman meets the sensuous black man”

Part the Second

» ・ “Fused glass” by Kate Hampton  ・ “Sex on a Train Wagon” by Richard Oduor  ・ "Sext me" by Aleya  ・ “The oink in doinker” by Tuelo Gabonewe  ・ “Transaction” by Wanjeri Gakuru  ・ “The voice under all silences” by Moses Kilolo  ・ "Inbox (1)" by Dorothy Kigen  ・ “Honeymoon Suite / Dreaming” by Nkatha Obungu  ・ “Kudinyana” by Linda Musita  ・ «

Bonus section (NEW, updated from October – Dec 2014)

» ・ “Madagascan Vanilla” by Mehul Gohil .


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