San Diego African-American Business Directories

The African-American community in San Diego is closed knit, and so it is understandable if they choose to patronize businesses of their fellow Black American. Fortunately in San Diego, most African-American businesses have been listed down in online directories accessible to everyone.

San Diego African-American Business Directories
African-American Businesses In San Diego. (Photo Credits)

Buy Black San Diego is one of those business directories. It is essentially a free online directory of African-American goods and services available all over San Diego. They have posted in their official website requirements for black businesses before it can be included in the directory.

“We are building the largest directory of Black owned businesses in San Diego. In our attempts to make this community thrive and grow, please remember: (1) Must include a picture of the owner’s face to be approved; (2) Business must be black owned meaning: businesses or organizations in which blacks or African-Americans own 51 percent or more of the equity, interest or stock of the business; (3) Pledge to spread the word about this site and the other great businesses listed herein.”

Check out their free online resource here.

Black Chamber of Commerce

The Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce also has its own directory of black-owned businesses within the San Diego area. It covers the Food and Beverage Industry, Professional Services industry and more businesses owned by Black Americans within San Diego.

In their official website, they gave details on how an African-American business person in San Diego can become a member.

“Inquiries directed to the Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce for products and services are referred only to members of the organization. This provides your company the opportunity to increase its exposure, gain information, and successfully develop within and outside the CSDBCC.”

Check out their official website here.

Online Directory Application

Where U Came From is meanwhile a Digital Application aiming to connect customers to black owned businesses all over the United States. They too have their section on Africa-American owned businesses in the whole San Diego area.

A description of the app has been published in their official homepage.

“We develop and market The WhereU app and the website, WhereYouCameFrom.Biz which publish crowd-sourced listings and referrals about black-owned businesses. Our business search functionality offers a real-time leaderboard of black-owned businesses across categories, ranked by peer-to-peer referral counts.  WhereU was launched during Black History Month on February 15, 2016 by Dr. Dionne Mahaffey, a business psychologist, and tech executive.”

Read more here.

There are indeed more and more choices for services and goods offered by African American Businesses in San Diego.

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