African American Business Organizations in San Diego

African-Americans have been doing business in San Diego since the time the black community grew in San Diego in the1890s. A good resource of History of African-American Businesses in San Diego was written and compiled by Mooney and Associates for the Centre City Development Corporation and published by the San Diego Government’s Official Website.

African American Business Organizations in San Diego
The San Diego Business Community includes African-American Enterprises too. (Photo Caption)

“As the African-American community began to grow, several Black owned or managed businesses sprung up to serve the African-American community, and in some cases the larger white population as a whole.  These included the Walter Meadows watch shop and Edward Anderson’s IXL (I Excel) Laundry.  Henry H. Brown opera ted a barber shop at 509 5th Avenue between 1895 and 1897 and over the next sixteen years he owned or worked at several barber shops on 5th Avenue and possibly on I (Island) Street.  Other examples include George Millen and Daniel Fry (St. Julian Blacksmith Shop) who operated blacksmith shops in downtown near Market Street.”

Download the whole file here.

Afro-American Business Groups in San Diego

Since the African-American community grew in San Diego, local businesses they operate flourished as well. Business organizations have been formed too.

The Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce is one of the African-American Business Organizations in the area. They hold office along Euclid Avenue.

“OUR MISSION is to create generational wealth through business enterprise, education, employment, and investing. Our GOAL is to support the business, career, and financial success of our Chamber members which results in the economic empowerment of our Communities. The Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce utilizes innovative programs, networking opportunities, and business partnerships to advance and strengthen Inclusive Economic Development throughout the City and County of San Diego.”

Check out their official website here.

Contractors’ Association

San Diego also has a local chapter of the Black Contractor’s Association. This specific group aims to help create opportunities for African-Americans involved in the country’s construction industry. In their official website, they mentioned about their efforts in San Diego.

“Together with the supporters of the BCA and its members, African-Americans and others can anticipate the future being much brighter and wed many more successful endeavors as master builders. Become a supporter of the Black Contractor’s Association and have your name or corporation engraved in stone at the point of entry for the apprenticeship students of this facility as a ‘Corner Stone Contributor’. BCA salutes San Diego’s major black builders and supporters for their contributions and hard work!”

Check out their homepage here.

African-American Businesses in San Diego are indeed flourishing.

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